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Board of Directors

Hugh Crowl – President


Shira  Sternberg– Vice-President


Rachelle Durrshmidt - Secretary


Zeke Bernstein -Treasurer


Emily Heyer

Nicole Daunic


Melinda Paquin


Ilze Melngailis

Dimitri Garder

The Board of Directors is responsible for the fiscal and legal management of the program, through approval of the annual budget, oversight of the financial records and practices, the execution of a yearly fund drive and other significant fundraising endeavors, and all legal matters related to the program.  They meet monthly, and consist of 7-15 members of the community, including some parent representatives.


Past Board members:  Nichole Warner, Patty Rutins, Kim Krall, Amelia Silver, Sally Sugarman, Beth Elwell, Amalie Reichblum, Dr. Trey Dobson, Linda Poole, Sean-Marie Oller, Dr. Martin Luloff, Tim Andrews, Kristen Munson, Holly Andersen, Caroline McBee, Stephanie Mulligan, Karen Gover, Heather Gardner, Thom Loubet, Steve Ellis, Kayla Becker, Betsey Kane, Maggie Montovan, Trevor Mance, Stephanie Senecal, Peter Crabtree

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