BECC Receives Matching Garden Grant

The BraisedbedECC has just participated in a unique opportunity to receive a grant toward creating a garden project.  The challenge was to be one of the first 75 organizations to raise $400 through a donation website in order to receive a matching $400 grant.  So, we created a website:

We notified our parent body and asked them to pass the word on to their friends and families.  Our goal was to raise $400  as quickly as possible so that we could also get a matching grant of $400 toward building four 16 square foot raised bed gardens for each of our classrooms to grow their own vegetables and herbs.  Within 24 hours of going live we had raised over $400!  We were notified yesterday that we were indeed one of the organizations that will be receiving the matching grant!  We have also been given the challenge of trying to be the organization with the most donors by the end date of December 15th. If we can pull off this feat we will receive $600 instead of $400!  It is not too late to make your donation.

Be on the lookout this spring for new gardens at the BECC!

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